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All Wellness and Good

The Floating Hospital's Women's Wellness Weekend aims to make sure women make time for their annual wellness visit.


On a race with Omicron

The newest variant is challenging healthcare workers and our safety-net.

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News and events

Hero of the Day on Good Day NY, Candy Cane Lane, and our annual appeal.

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from the ship's log
Historically, The Floating Hospital was a series of ships adapted for medical care docked in New York Harbor. Then, as now, busses transported patients from their remote neighborhoods to receive care on board. In 1947, the Lloyd I. Seaman, the active ship in service, carried a greater number than in any year since 1941—39,963 people or approximately 800 passengers per trip. An average of eight buses were activated per sailing, costing $11,378.
the floating hospital barges

Help make healthcare for all New Yorkers a reality


Thank you from all of us at 
The Floating Hospital

Grand Central Station, P.O. Box 3391,
New York, New York 10163

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